10 Best NFT Games to Play on Android in 2022 | Kingdom Karnage, Heroverse, TamaDroid and more

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(Photo: Sorare via screenshot)
10 Best NFT Games to Play on Android in 2022 | Kingdom Karnage, Heroverse, TamaDroid and more

NFT gaming is expanding globally as many users continue to embrace blockchain technology. For players looking to make money while playing, they can explore the world of non-fungible tokens to get started.

Usually, blockchain games are easily accessible through various devices such as computers and smartphones. To narrow it down, later we will discuss how we specifically deal with the NFT games that we can play on Android devices.

If you want to jump right into this article, here are the best NFT games to play on the Android platform.

Despite the declining value of SLP (Smooth Love Potions), Sky Mavis’ Axie Infinity is still included in the list of the most recommended NFT game titles to play on Android.

This play to earn game offers multiple modes to improve the user experience. As an “Axie” gamer, you can embark on the adventure as a start. You can now proceed to ranked battles if you are already done with them.

Each ax in the game has unique abilities and strengths based on their genes. The stronger the axe, the more expensive it is. You can buy, sell and trade them in the marketplace.

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If you’re looking for a good Axie Infinity this year, check out the new NFT game in town: Tamadroid.

Like Sky Mavis’ game, Tamadroid is all about breeding and training your monsters. You can collect more than 100 unique Tamadroids to use in PVP and other exciting battlefields.

Apart from that, you can customize your character’s facial structure and other body parts. You can also join the community to meet other people who have already mastered the game’s secret tricks.

For players who love strategy and puzzle games, Heroverse could be your first choice. This NFT game features over 50 hero pools. Each of them has special characteristics and abilities.

You can be human, demon, beast and other creatures in this game. Unlike many NFT games that follow the P2E model, Heroverse instead creates a play-and-earn balance for all players.

โ€œUpland is all about buying, selling and trading virtual real estate tied to a real address.

Most importantly, in this NFT game you can make friends while building your dream home and business. You can also earn UPX coins here by selling NFT facilities.

“Forest Knight” can be played on Android and PC. This NFT game combines the elements of mobile and blockchain gaming into one. You can participate in PVP, PVE and other battle modes.

According to its roadmap, it will introduce a guild, land sale and talent system in the third quarter of 2022. Forge your items and train your heroes to become the best in the RPG world.

For another thrilling ride on monsters, we introduce new multiplayer online game where you can meet 161 unique creatures. Like any mainstream title, the Chain monsters have unique abilities that you can use to your advantage.

Soccer fans now have the perfect time to rejoice as they can now play Sorare, an NFT soccer card game. Your main goal is to assemble a powerful roster that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

There are currently 215 officially licensed clubs in this game. New racquets are released in Sorare every week.

Nothing is crazier than playing Crazy Kings, the city’s new tower defense NFT game. Android fans will love this game as over 20 hero allies can fight by your side.

The addicting part of this game is that you can upgrade towers and strategize with them. Expect to learn more about this game as you progress your army through more than 600 levels.

Another trading card game to play this year is Kingdom Karnage, which is cross-playable on PC and Android. All that awaits you on the other side is an endless collection of high-quality characters, for glory’s sake.

The game’s slogan “Hold $RHT, Reward $BNB” makes it a must-have NFT game on Binance Smart Chain. Its BNB reflection is also helpful in preventing unfair trading with โ€œreward huntersโ€.

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