Cardano-based cross-chain NFT Marketplace, Verlux quickly fills in over 35% of its pre-sale allotment

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Verlux, a new project based on the Cardano blockchain, is pleased to announce its token sale to the public, which has seen a noticeable boom. Over 35% of his token allocated for pre-sale was sold out hours after the sale was announced.

In particular, Verlux is building the largest cross-chain NFT platform on the Cardano blockchain, which will allow users to mine, buy and sell their NFTs on its marketplace. Verlux will have a unique system with the Novel Cross-Chain Swap Protocol that enables users to efficiently and seamlessly swap NFTs based on other blockchains onto the Cardano blockchain while maintaining NFT data authenticity.

Verux ecosystem

Verlux is citing a fee to revolutionize the high-cost barrier of the NFT ecosystem, and by building on Cardano, NFTs on other blockchains that have been swapped onto the Cardano blockchain on their platform will leverage the cost-effectiveness and security of the Cardano network. Other NFT marketplaces are limited to the networks they are built on, a constraint that Verlux seeks to turn into an opportunity.

Its goal is to create a platform on which users can trade their NFTs and exchange them efficiently at low rates from other blockchains to the Cradano blockchain and also receive security features from the Cardano blockchain.

Unique properties of Verlux

Verlux includes a staking feature where you can use $ VLX tokens to farm special editions and 100% exclusive NFTs only available through NFT Farming.

Verlux will create a decentralized NFT marketplace for everyone who has no barrier to entry. All you have to do is plug in a compatible web-based Cardano wallet such as the Nami & Gero wallet, click on Mint NFT and users will see a simple form to list their NFT.

One of the core features of Verlux will be the low transaction fees in both service fees and gas fees.

$ VLX token

$ VLX is the utility token used to power the Verlux ecosystem. $ VLX will serve as a community governance system for token holders for proposed features and developments to be implemented on the platform. In addition, its benefits will range from NFT swap fees, NFT transactions, NFT lists in Featured, NFT farming, and more.

With its carefully crafted tokenomics, it prevents potential whale tampering by ensuring that no address has more than 4% of the total supply of $ VLX tokens

The $ VLX presale is live

$ VLX has a total offering of 1 billion tokens. The pre-sale is now live with only 20% of the total on offer for purchase by visiting the $ VLX token sales page.

1 VLX token is sold at 0.0020 ADA, with a minimum purchase of 200 ADA and a maximum purchase of 10,000 ADA. Please refer to the sales page for instructions on how to purchase.

About Verlux

Verlux aims to be the largest NFT marketplace as it aims to provide constant innovation and develop the solutions necessary to unlock the limitless potential of the NFT ecosystem. Verlux believes that the NFT ecosystem is still in its infancy and has the right team to make sure we improve its scalability.

The Verlux platform will be releasing their demo NFT marketplace in the next few days, which will give an interactive feel to what their fully launched marketplace will look like.

Verlux plans to roll out its fully functional cross-chain NFT platform on the Cardano blockchain by the first quarter of 2022.

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Media details

Company Name: Verlux
Contact name: Mathias Grunther
E-mail: [email protected]
Location: Walsall, West Midlands, UK

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