Ethereum-based altcoin poised for major breakout in early 2022, predicts cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe

Popular cryptocurrency analyst and trader Michaël van de Poppe thinks a decentralized finance (DeFi) altcoin built on Ethereum (ETH) is poised for a breakout in early 2022. Eight Global, Van de Poppe’s crypto education platform, notes in a new tweet that the Curve DAO Token (CRV) is currently printing a bull market structure. “CRV has … Read more

Coinbase Chief Product Officer Offers 10 Crypto Space Predictions for 2022

On Thursday (December 30), Coinbase Chief Product Officer Surojit Chatterjee offered “10 predictions for Web3 and the crypto economy for 2022”. Chatterjee’s blog post contained the following predictions: “Eth’s scalability will improve, but the new L1 chains will see substantial growth” “There will be significant improvements in usability in L1-L2 bridges” “Zero-knowledge-proof technology will get … Read more

Despite Negative Mining by Malware Press, Privacy Focused Crypto Monero Rises 36% in 2 Weeks – Bitcoin News Markets and Prices

The privacy-focused crypto asset monero has made significant gains over the past two weeks, increasing 36% in value against the US dollar. Despite the negative press of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” torrents with monero mining malware, seven-day statistics indicate that the crypto asset gained over 21%. Monero sees double-digit gains among mining malware stocks The … Read more

FTX CEO outlines the biggest challenges for the cryptocurrency industry

The co-founder and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX outlined his top priorities that the industry will have to address in the coming years. In a series of tweets, FTX chief Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) highlighted his roadmap for the crypto space, including the biggest challenges to overcome. SBF began by outlining what cryptography had been able … Read more

Best Business & Cryptocurrency Stories of the Week: December 31st

Many brands are starting to see a recovery despite the challenges initially posed by the pandemic. Some companies, particularly those that have focused their efforts on expanding e-commerce ventures, have even seen their profits rise even more than before. HYPEBEAST has collected the best business and cryptocurrency stories of the week so you can stay … Read more

The 6 biggest crypto failures of 2021

From scams to hacks and government moves, cryptocurrencies have had their fair share of problems this year. According to CoinMarketCap, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies jumped from $ 767 billion in early 2021 to $ 2.4 trillion at the time of writing. We have seen some coins gain over 5,000% in just 12 months, … Read more

Leading Cryptocurrency Trader Expects 84.407% Price Explosion For Little Known Altcoin Built On Ethereum

A longtime cryptocurrency trader known as Flood is showing support for an altcoin that helps bridge the gap between different types of blockchain projects. Flood tells his 194,400 Twitter followers that there are several reasons he thinks the trustless automated market maker Synapse (SYN) has the potential to make insane gains over the next couple … Read more

Canadian Regulator Insists Binance Unauthorized And Defines Crypto Exchange Letter To Users “Unacceptable” – Bitcoin News Regulation

Canadian Regulator Insists Binance Is Unauthorized, Calls the Crypto Exchange’s Letter to Users ‘Unacceptable’

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) says Binance has revoked its commitment to meet previously agreed requirements. The cryptocurrency exchange told the regulator that there would be no new transactions involving Ontario residents after December 31. However, Binance recently informed its Ontario users that they will no longer have to close their accounts by the end … Read more

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