Why so few Hyderabad unicorns?

M Somasekhar India reportedly produced over 40 unicorns in 2021. But hardly anyone from Hyderabad that boasts one of the best ecosystems for startups and entrepreneurship. Perhaps, a point to ponder for Telangana’s high-profile and pro-startup Minister for IT and Industries, KT Rama Rao, and for experts in the area. Hyderabad has one of the … Read more

As a diverse team bring more creativity and engagement into your business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the contributors are theirs. It has been a little over a year since I helped produce a worldwide broadcast KISS concert in Dubai on New Year’s Eve 2020. We have brought people from all over the world to collaborate with people from the local community to create a diverse experience. and … Read more

New year, new business: Small startups turn to London, Ontario, center for January help

For Mary Bradshaw, the pandemic meant shutting down her 23-year-old business that makes and sells cookies to big companies like Second Cup and Chapters. They weren’t open, so they no longer needed its cooking. Bradshaw turned his love of business and cooking into Nightingale Pie Co., launched in May 2021, which makes pies from scratch. … Read more

In 2022, digital healthcare startups face rapidly changing business models

Israel’s digital health segment, considered a cutting-edge hub for innovation, focuses primarily on the US healthcare market. Over the past two years and even more so in 2021, the market landscape and sales process have changed significantly, making it necessary for companies aspiring to become market leaders to validate and rethink their go-to-market strategies. Surprisingly … Read more

Why are lingerie startups suddenly a hot VC investment? – Crunchbase news

Underwear brands are having a moment in the world of venture capital. Globally, VC-backed underwear and lingerie companies raised $ 457 million in funding last year, the highest amount in at least five years, according to data from Crunchbase. Kim Kardashianthe modeling clothing brand MONKEY And Rihannathe lingerie brand Wild X Fenty were among the … Read more

London was named the best city in the world for being a young entrepreneur, ahead of New York, San Francisco and Moscow

Sunday January 16, 2022 7:35 am Using the Forbes 30 Under 30 lists of Europe, North America, Russia, Asia and Africa, London was named the best city in the world for being a young entrepreneur. While North America is by far the most popular in providing Forbes Under 30 candidates, London is the most popular … Read more

This Bengaluru startup allows companies to manage their corporate travel plans on a single platform

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), India, the seventh largest business travel market in the world, is expected to be in the top five travel markets by 2022. While 60% of the business travel market it is run by small travel agents, only 20 percent are run by legacy travel management companies. … Read more

3 business tips for my younger self

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the contributors are theirs. While this may surprise some, it is not necessary to take a traditional path to have a successful career or even start your own business. Personally, I’ve never climbed the corporate ladder or earned an MBA to become CEO, in fact, I didn’t go to college. I … Read more