Gaming platform The Sandbox and NFT project World of Women are collaborating, opening up metaverse opportunities for brands

NFT-focused community World of Women announced Tuesday that it is joining gaming platform The Sandbox for the first partnership of its kind. The main focus of the partnership is a $25 million grant from the WoW Foundation to bring crypto education to women. This is done through courses and informed entrepreneurship with initiatives such as … Read more

KYCs are needed in the NFT space to clean up its reputation in the Wild West

KYCs for NFTs are a compromise between law and decentralization. The NFT space needs some cleaning up, says Ryan Wilkinson, Head of Product at It’s no secret that the world of digital assets and decentralized applications (DApps) is growing at an alarming rate. However, the industry remains a wild west for regulators and governments … Read more

Brave browser to give away Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT

The team behind Brave, the privacy and crypto-friendly web browser, has been developing the browser’s wallet feature for quite some time. The Brave Wallet is now live on both desktop and mobile platforms. Brave Wallet is integrated into the browser itself and does not require the installation of a browser plug-in like other wallets such … Read more

Ape Rave Club becomes the first ever NFT artist to headline the main stage of a major music festival

Share this article Monkey Rave Club becomes the first NFT artist ever to headline a major music festival – the main stage of Tomorrowland The world’s leading electronic dance music festival – Tomorrowland – has announced that NFT artists – Ape Rave Club – will headline this year’s festival with a debut performance on the … Read more

Mickey Mantle NFT: Home Run or Foulball?

Mickey Mantle autographed memorabilia has traditionally been one of the safest investments in the world of sports collectibles – whether it’s baseballs or the Yankees Slugger rookie card. On Friday (March 4), a non-fungible token (NFT) featuring a photo of the 1952 Topps card sold for $471,000, demonstrating the 16-time All-Star’s blue-chip status extends the … Read more

NFT Community Fundraisers for Ukraine –

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, people have found unconventional ways to support Ukrainians, such as renting out AirBnBs in the country, ensuring direct donations to those fleeing their homes, and offering shelter and apprenticeships for Ukrainian scholars. Now the NFT community is organizing to take advantage of their unique resources. “All we could … Read more

Heralded by NFT technology, a new era of added value in music begins with Token||Traxx

Disclaimer: The following text is a press release not written by NFTs are fast becoming a crucial component of the new decentralized ecosystem. These digital certificates of ownership and authenticity are easily transferrable, provably unique, and most importantly, programmable through smart contracts. “The decentralization of technology has created an opportunity to address a major … Read more

The new NFT collection called “Kewtiee’s” promotes good mental health

Kewtiee’s NFT drop on March 11, 2022 at Opensea represents good mental health “Kweetie’s” is a collection of 114 unique NFT artworks by MsJAG. It represents the artist coming in contact with her inner personality during the recent pandemic. TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 7, 2022 / — “Kweeties” is a collection of 114 unique NFT … Read more