Didi Hirsch and California Department of Health Services Sign $ 20 Million Investment to Expand Access to State “988” Mental Health Crisis and Suicide Response

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The DHCS $ 20 million investments will support that of California network of 13 local and regional crisis call centers to expand their capacity for the 988 launch, providing mental health support nationwide. Equal access to vital services will help reduce the stigma on suicides and mental health. With this key funding, the additional infrastructure will be rapidly developed and deployed California 988 crisis centers to meet the significant demand expected when the easy-to-remember three-digit option is launched. In line with the disproportionate need, there will be a special focus on different populations: young people; Blacks, Indigenous and Black People (BIPOC); and LGBTQ + that identify individuals.

Didi Hirsch 988 counselors will provide 24/7 lifesaving health care to those suffering from mental health or suicidal crises. This funding increases what we can do for countless children, adults and families, “he said by Didi Hirsch CEO Jonathan Goldfinger, MD, MPH, FAAP. “Our goal is both to keep people alive and to create easy access to quality mental health care, using the most effective suicide prevention services. the United States today. Instead of calling emergency health services and risking unnecessary police involvement or hospitalization, those who need psychiatric care, substance use, or suicide in a crisis will have it almost instantly. We are grateful to the DHCS leadership for their unwavering commitment to the safety of our families and communities. “

The Federal Communications Commission adopted rules that designated 988 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in 2020. Didi Hirsch led a lot that of California 988 prep charge based on years of partnership with 13 statewide crisis centers, both public and private, which together handle over 270,000 calls annually to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Follow-up care management is also available, offered days and weeks later, depending on the severity of the need. Partners include industry leaders and a broad coalition of bipartisan sponsors, advocates and lawmakers who have come together to support the nascent California 988 investment.

California 988 Crisis Centers will begin receiving 988 calls when the service is universally active July 16, 2022. Until then, anyone experiencing a suicide crisis, emotional distress, or worries about a family member can still contact these experts, 24/7, at 1-800-273-8255.

Of Didi Hirsch:
Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services has been a national leader in whole person mental health and crisis care for 80 years. Its first Suicide Prevention Center in the nation operates multiple British / Spanish hotlines 24/7, including the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline which becomes 988 a July 2022the National Disaster Distress Helpline for those emotionally suffering from natural or man-made disasters, a new line that diverts emergency health services calls from the LAPD that disproportionately connects young Black and Latino men to treatment, as well as the Teen Line and LAUSD. by Didi Hirsch Highly specialized experts also provide outpatient therapy and drug management, crisis counseling and support groups for people with suicidal thoughts, attempts or losses, as well as suicide prevention training for students, teachers, clergy, police and rescuers. Didi Hirsch it serves nearly 160,000 children, adults and families each year through 10 facilities and over 75 schools in all Los Angeles And Orange counties. Find out more today on www.didihirsch.org.

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