Galaxy Blitz announces IDO, NFT sales and listing plans

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HELSINKI, Finland, March 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Galaxy Blitz, the upcoming massively multiplayer online play-to-earn (P2E) space-themed battle strategy and NFT game, this week shared details for an upcoming IDO and Stock listings announced. The web 3.0 game aims to be one of the first games in the blockchain space to use VR components in real gameplay in the following PC version for next-gen immersive levels and focus on making the game truly “fun” to make conditions for varied gameplay and strategy. Alongside the IDO, the development team also released details of a huge NFT pre-sale that will boost community engagement when the game goes live.

Beautiful immersive visuals that deserve

Characters and in-game items in Galaxy Blitz are immutable NFTs that allow each player to perform a variety of unique and creative actions while maintaining control and sole ownership of their prized assets. As well as being an integral part of the game, players can use their NFTs to earn passive $MIT rewards. The NFT visuals have been acclaimed by industry experts as high-quality works of art that reflect the traumas of a lifelong struggle to survive; Each NFT will support AR at launch, and players will see their characters come to life before their eyes. The NFT pre-sale whitelist expired in January and February, and eager community members will soon be able to own a piece of the Galaxy Blitz for themselves.

Going forward, players will be able to purchase NFT packs with different rarity probabilities (N, R, SR, SSR, L) ranging from $99.9 to $4,500. Upon opening each pack, players can choose to stake their NFT characters or items for up to 600% APY of $MIT, or sell them on the secondary marketplace. NFT packages will be available on leading centralized exchanges, high-quality NFT launchpads, reputable marketplaces such as Opensea and Rarible, and via the Galaxy Blitz official website powered by DAO. Stock of NFT packs is limited, so users interested in being a part of Galaxy Blitz from the start are encouraged to go to the site and get involved.

Play to earn, earn, earn!

Galaxy Blitz combines the explosive trend of GameFi with NFTs to create an unprecedented gaming experience that allows users to be part of a growing ecosystem and help shape its evolution, while earning real cash rewards. The team believes in the importance of “fun” in video games and is driven by a passion and a vision to create something people love to play. Currently, most GameFi projects are relatively simple remasters of classic farming, tower defense, or blind box games; but the Galaxy Blitz team wants to change that. Galaxy Blitz will implement VR technologies in the PC version of the game to achieve a level of reality not possible on other platforms.

The highly anticipated Galaxy Blitz native $MIT token IDO will attempt to raise a total of $1 million, bringing the project to a whopping $100 million valuation. The IDO launches on March 17th on LuaStarter, March 18th on BinStarter, 19th on NFTb, 20th on Infinite Launch, 21st on Equinox, and 22nd on Blokpad – Trustpad. After all $1 million $MIT tokens have been distributed, $MIT trading pairs will launch on on March 23, with plans for much greater exchange integration in the coming months.

Regarding the IDO plans, co-founder Clement said, “Over the past few months we’ve made some real progress towards getting our game to the point where we’re happy with it. Now that our first rounds of fundraising are heating up, we’re excited to offer players the opportunity to explore the amazing world of Galaxy Blitz. So far, we’ve been overwhelmed by the community’s support and would like to welcome everyone interested in space-themed combat strategy games, as well as those innovators who want to better understand the new world of GameFi and NFTs.”

Players in Galaxy Blitz are transported to a universe of chaos as they find themselves as one of four powerful and unique distant future descendants of humanity who must fight each other for supremacy and survival. The game features rich PVE elements where players can earn rewards and improve their characters by completing NPC quests, fighting with enemy enemies and helping to build their own civilization. For the more bloodthirsty, Galaxy Blitz also features PVP activities where individuals can plunder resources from enemies and conquer foreign lands.

About Galaxy Lightning

Galaxy Blitz is a play-to-earn combat strategy NFT game set centuries in the future when four unique advanced descendants of humanity fight for supremacy in battles on both land and space. Earn a variety of tokens through battles and resource farming as you lead your faction to galactic supremacy!







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