Marathonz game NFT “Play to Win” will be released in 2022

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Marathonz game

MarathonZ presents solid design and world-renowned ambassador

The Play to Earn game mode, where players can be rewarded with NFTs or even tokens as they play, has experienced extraordinary growth in recent years, revolutionizing the gaming market and even becoming a work alternative for many.

Consequently, with the popularization of this type of games, new projects have sprung up every month. In this scenario, however, the multitude of options available and the lack of regulation that still exists in this environment make it difficult to find credible projects.

In this sense, as an NFT game that has attracted investors’ attention, we can mention Marathonz. In addition to a healthy and sustainable tokenecomic, the project counts on the participation of ambassadors of global renown such as Filipe Toledo, one of the best surfers in the world who has announced that he will be sponsored by Marathonz on the 2022 tour and stamp the name of the game on his surfboard .

Felipe Toledo

MarathonZ and sustainability

This is an important point in determining the success or failure of an NFT game. According to the team behind the project, every detail of the game has been carefully planned to take into account some fundamental points such as scarcity, decentralization, market and trend management.

The project aims for long-term sustainability

To ensure the token shortage, the developers of MarathonZ have chosen to create a limited supply of 300 million tokens (MTZ) on the Binance Smart Chain network. In addition, another diligence of the team was to create an economic token based on a sustainable split and a security protocol that blocks 39% of the total supply during a period of one year.

According to the team, the success of an NFT game is linked to compliance with fundamental points such as: B. Ensuring asset scarcity, operational decentralization, proper market management, and the need to be part of the trend.

The team is very keen to create an innovative economic system, so the MarathonZ team decided to use a decentralized platform controlled by pre-setup smart contracts that ensure operations take place as planned.

Low investment and firing systems

It is worth noting that the entry cost to the game is very low compared to other games, which makes the game more accessible: each box with 1 NFT costs only 15 MTZ (Game Token). In addition, there are a number of ways to burn tokens within the game to keep the market value of MTZ stable.

In the game, special items are used to improve characters, to speed up gaining experience and winning the NFTs, in addition to gaining advantages in the races.

NFT Islands

Passive Income and Metaverse

The ecosystem also has the ability to monetize your capital with the NFT rental of not only the characters but also the NFT islands that users can buy to maximize their results and monetize their capital. The number of islands is limited, which makes these items very valuable.

The Metaverse is part of the project from start to finish, connecting the virtual world to the real world at various times. Within the game there are a number of shops that sell special items to users, e.g. B. a tennis store, a nutritional supplement store, and a portion store Each store gives the user the opportunity to buy stocks and make profits on the “marathon stock market”!! This is truly innovative and a hallmark of this game that promises to rock in 2022.

Airdrop is coming!!

In March 2022, AIRDROP will be released, allowing users to earn MarathonZ tokens (MTZ) by becoming followers on social networks. This is a great opportunity to purchase tokens before launch. More than 1 million are expected to be distributed. To participate simply have a Metamask wallet and follow the steps on the website, learn more at the links below:



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