Meet Marlon Palmer, the actor and comedian, followed by top celebrities from Toronto, Canada. – The UBJ – United Business Journal

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Also known as “ThatdudeMCFLY”, she has pushed the boundaries as YouTuber, podcaster and so much more.

How few people and professionals across all fields have thrived in their careers has only gone on to demonstrate their immense skills, abilities and talents to conquer their fields. Today, people are more aware of how they want to create their journey in their industries and how willing they are to risk emerging as one of the best talent in the world. Making a name for themselves in highly competitive industries can really test a person’s patience, but so far we’ve had great success stories, even in them. Marlon Palmer, aka ThatdudeMCFLY, has done the same in the entertainment and social media space as a man of many talents and thus has achieved tremendous success in the industry.

Marlon Palmer has made headlines once again because this guy is followed not only by ordinary fans and followers, but also by some of the best celebrities in Toronto, Canada. Yes, you heard right. Marlon Palmer has truly captivated people with his skills as a YouTuber, podcaster, actor and comedian, and that also includes who’s who from the Toronto entertainment world, which is amazing. The passionate being is quite excited to know that many leading names in the industry also lovingly follow him on social media and appreciate his talent as an entertainer; however, he doesn’t even believe in taking this for granted and therefore has always focused on improving his game as an actor and comedian in all of his projects.

Celebrities like Drake have followed him for the past decade; this is the atmosphere that Marlon Palmer has created with his work, effortlessly immersing people in all the content he creates and the projects he becomes a part of. ThatdudeMCFLY is already verified on Twitter and has a huge number of subscribers and views on her YouTube. Entertaining people and putting a smile on their faces is what he lives for and wants to keep doing it for a lifetime.

Connect with him via Instagram @thatdudemcfly.

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