Popular Cryptocurrency Analyst Explains Why He Is Bullish On $ ETH, $ EGLD And $ MATIC

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Recently, famed New Zealand-based cryptocurrency analyst and influencer LArk Davis talked about why he feels confident that Ethereum ($ ETH), Elrond ($ EGLD) and Polygon ($ MATIC) are good projects to bet on. in 2022.

David talked about his top three altcoin picks for 2022 in a YouTube video he posted 10 days ago.

According to a report by The Daily Hodl released on December 25, 2021, here’s what Davis said about these three projects and their native tokens (i.e. $ ETH, $ EGLD, and $ MATIC).

Ethereum ($ ETH)

I believe that Ethereum will be a five-figure asset and we may see a $ 20,000 Ethereum before this cycle finally turns upside down and dies...

“We’ve got tier two scaling solutions exploding for Ethereum … We’ve got the test of the inbox for Ethereum. It’s huge beyond belief. We’re moving from the test of work, which is horribly inefficient, to the test of the inbox. game that will radically change the Ethereum economy …

Then we have the triple halving. So, as part of the move to proof of participation, there will be a 90% reduction in annual emissions of the newly created Ethereum … Ethereum will go deflationary next year. It will just go down. Within the next, probably five to ten years, we will be back below 100 million Ethereum.

Elrond ($ EGLD)

It’s finally coming to life, and I think it’s a very exciting time and time for Elrond. So we finally saw them launch their Maiar exchange … kind of like Elrond’s Uniswap where you can now trade USDC (USD Coin), Elrond token …

We also have exchange support from centralized exchanges starting to happen for Elrond’s standard tokens.

Polygon ($ MATIC)

Polygon will now burn some MATIC. In the long run it is absolutely fantastic for the price of Polygon. So users are increasing, stronger than ever, new acquisitions and more apps on the way. I am optimistic about Polygon. It will go for $ 10, just a matter of when.

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