Report on Growth Opportunities and Data Center Market Investment Analysis in Austria 2021-2026 –

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DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL LINE) – The report “Data Center Market in Austria – Investment Analysis and Growth Opportunities 2021-2026” has been added to by offer.

The report considers the current scenario of the data center market in Austria and its market dynamics for the forecast period 2021-2026. It covers a detailed overview of different growth drivers, restraints and trends in the market. The study includes aspects of market supply and demand.

Austria is a growing data center market in Eastern Europe, with Vienna seen as a strategic location for data center development. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major boost for the data center market in Austria, with increasing digitalization and enterprise adoption of the cloud.

In 2021, the total population of Austria is around nine million, with around eight million internet users. Internet penetration in Austria was around 90% in January 2021. Many small and medium-sized businesses are also using social media and e-commerce platforms for their businesses these days. This huge adoption of the internet will drive demand for the data center market in Austria.


  • In Austria, colocation service providers are the main contributors to the growth of the data center area. The data center and networking market added approximately 50,000 square feet of area in 2020.

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will also have a significant impact on the Austrian market in the coming years and will need to attract further investment into the country.

  • Austria aims to reach 100% renewable energy by 2030, hydroelectricity contributes to an important part of renewable energies. The push towards renewable energy production in the country will further increase investment in clean energy sources across the region’s cloud and data center market over the forecast period.


  • In 2021, the total population of Austria is around nine million, with around eight million internet users. Internet penetration in Austria stood at around 90% in January 2021.

  • In 2020, Digital Realty, NTT Global Data Centers, and Magenta Telekom were some of the leading data center investors in the country.

  • Microsoft, a global cloud provider, plans to create a cloud data center in Austria, which is likely to attract more hyper-scalable investors, thereby expanding colocation services in the country.


  • Digital Realty, NTT Global Data Centers, Nessus, DATASIX, GRZ IT Center, STACKIT, A1 Telekom Austria are among the few major colocation providers operating in Austria

  • Digital Realty has acquired over 230,000 square feet of land near Vienna for the development of a new data center with a capacity of 40 MW of power.

  • ISG, Dipl.-Ing. HC Hollige, ICT Facilities, COOLtec Systems and ZAUNERGROUP Holding are some of the contractors and subcontractors operating on the market.

IT infrastructure providers

  • Atos

  • Cisco systems

  • Dell technologies

  • Fujitsu

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

  • IBM

  • Lenovo

  • NetApp

Data center construction market contractors and subcontractors

  • -Ing. HC Hollige

  • ISG

  • ICT facilities


Support infrastructure providers

  • ABB

  • Cummins

  • It eats

  • Legrand

  • Rittal

  • Piller Power Systems

  • Schneider Electric


  • Vertiv Group

Key Investors

  • Digital reality

  • Magenta Telekom

  • NTT Global Data Center

  • Stadtwerke Feldkirch



  • Existing structures in the region (area and electrical capacity)

  • Vienna

  • Other cities

  • List of upcoming facilities in the region (area and power capacity)


  • Type of infrastructure

  • IT infrastructure

  • Electric infrastructure

  • Mechanical infrastructure

  • General construction

  • Level standard

  • IT infrastructure

  • server

  • Filing systems

  • Network infrastructure

  • Electric infrastructure

  • UPS systems

  • Generators

  • Transfer switches and panels

  • PDU

  • Other electrical infrastructures

  • Mechanical infrastructure

  • Cooling systems

  • Rack cabinets

  • Other mechanical infrastructures

  • General construction

  • Building development

  • Installation and commissioning services

  • Building design

  • Physical security

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

  • Cooling systems

  • CRAC and CRAH units

  • coolers

  • Cooling towers, condensers and dry coolers

  • Other cooling units

  • Level segments

  • Level I and Level II

  • Level III

  • Level IV


  • Market size available in terms of revenue, area, supply capacity and colocation.

  • An evaluation of the investment in data centers in Austria by colocation, hyperscale and enterprise operators.

  • Investments in area data centers (square feet) and power capacity (MW) in all cities in the country.

  • A detailed study of the existing Austria Data Center market landscape, an in-depth industry analysis and in-depth forecast on the size of the Austria Data Center market during the forecast period.

  • Snapshot of existing and future third party facilities in Austria

  • Covered structures (existing): 24

  • Structures identified (coming soon): 3

  • Coverage: 11 cities

  • Existing and Upcoming (Data Center Area)

  • Existing and arriving (IT load capacity)

  • Data center colocation market in Austria

  • Revenue and market forecasts (2021-2026)

  • Retail colocation prices

  • Classification of investments in the Austrian market into multiple segments and sub-segments (IT, energy, cooling and general construction services) with sizing and forecasting.

  • A comprehensive analysis of the latest trends, growth rate, potential opportunities, growth limits and prospects for the industry.

  • Business overview and product offerings from leading IT infrastructure providers, construction contractors, support infrastructure providers and investors operating in the industry.

  • A transparent research methodology and the analysis of the demand and supply aspects of the market.


  • How big is the data center market in Austria?

  • How many existing and future data center facilities are there in Austria?

  • Who are the key investors in the data center industry in Austria?

  • What segments are covered in the data center market in Austria?

  • What factors are driving the growth of the Austria data center colocation market?

Key topics covered:

Chapter 1: Existing and Coming Third Party Data Centers in Austria

  • Over 20 unique data center properties

  • IT load capacity of the data center

  • Data center white floor space

  • Existing and future data center capacity by city

  • Covered cities

  • Vienna

  • Other cities

Chapter 2: Investment Opportunities in Austria

  • Investments in data centers

  • Investment by Area

  • Investment in power capacity

Chapter 3: Data Center Colocation Market in Austria

  • Colocation services market in Austria

  • Retail Colocation vs Wholesale Data Center Colocation

  • Colocation prices (Quarter Rack, Half Rack, Full Rack) and add-ons

Chapter 4: Market Dynamics

  • Market driver

  • Market trend

  • Market restrictions

Chapter 5: Market Segmentation

  • IT infrastructure: market size and forecast

  • Electricity infrastructure: market size and forecasts

  • Mechanical infrastructures: market size and forecasts

  • General construction services: market size and forecast

Chapter 6: Standard Tier Investment

  • Level I and II

  • Level III

  • Level IV

Chapter 7: Key Market Participants

  • IT infrastructure providers

  • Builders

  • Support infrastructure providers

  • Data Center Investors

Chapter 8: Appendix

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