How Wikipedia’s classification of NFTs as “not art” impacts equity in the art world

Wikipedia Getty Images In many ways, NFTs have provided artists with an opportunity to bypass traditional gatekeepers and allow a wider range of artists to reach collectors and sell their work independently. However, a recent vote by Wikipedia editors introduced a new kind of gatekeeping: the popular online encyclopedia decided not to classify NFTs as … Read more

The artist performs with Bird Girl-NFT | into the world of digital art a state & region

Acclaimed West Virginia artist Jamie Lester, who designed the sculptures of Jerry West and Don Knotts in Morgantown and the statue of Cardinal Rising in The Plaza in Beckley, is unveiling his artwork on Saturday, January 15 at 11am at a new media before Lester, owner of the Love Hope Center for the Arts in … Read more

NFT sales hit $ 25 billion in 2021, but growth is showing signs of slowing

LONDON, Jan 10 (Reuters) – From cartoon monkeys to video clips, sales of NFTs hit around $ 25 billion in 2021 as the speculative crypto asset gained popularity, data from market follower DappRadar shows, though there were signs of a slowdown in growth towards the end of the year. The prices of some non-fungible tokens, … Read more

Blockchain uncorked, champagne and fine wine hit the NFT market

PARIS – What’s new with champagne? Tokenized bubbles! In October, Dom Pérignon demonstrated his never-ending creative liveliness by launching limited edition boxes of his 2010 vintage and 2006 rosé, “designed” in collaboration with megastar Lady Gaga (only available on the French market). The 100 bottles – a few drops in the sea of ​​bubbles by … Read more

Artprice looks back on auction highlights in 2021 and the NFT phenomenon

Thierry Ehrmann, CEO and Founder of and its Artprice department: “The emergence of NFTs in the auction sphere represents a real revolution, the intensity of which can be explained by both a long backlog of demand and a particularly favorable economic environment. Beeple’s first record ($ 69.3 million) in March perfectly illustrates this need … Read more