The cryptocurrency pair had Russian bank accounts and traveled to Ukraine to collect fake IDs, Feds say: “Excerpt from the pages of a spy novel”

The New York hipster couple accused of one of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts in the world had quietly opened bank accounts in Russia and traveled to Ukraine to obtain fake IDs, authorities said. Federal prosecutors exposed the new details of the couple’s financial and travel movements as part of the government’s appeal against a judge’s … Read more

Opinion: A bullish sign? Investor sentiment on the Nasdaq is worse now than in March 2020

The downtrend has fallen to such an extreme level that it supports a significant equity market rally. Sentiment certainly took some time to reach this extreme. Just two weeks ago, the last time I devoted a column to market sentiment, many short-term market timers were “stubbornly bullish,” treating any market decline as a buying opportunity. … Read more

How Professional Traders Are Changing the Cryptocurrency Market: “Market Structure is Evolving”

As cryptocurrency loses its stigma as nothing more than a convenient conduit for criminals and money launderers, banks have so far proceeded with caution. Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are among the large banks that have engaged in trading cryptocurrencies – not cryptocurrencies per se, but futures contracts and other instruments – to reap the volatility … Read more