Disguised as a Crypto

In recent times, there has been a great deal of euphoria regarding investing in cryptocurrencies. Let’s first try to understand if an investment in cryptocurrencies means an investment in a currency or an asset. For any instrument to be classified as a currency, it must have the following characteristics: First, it is a bill of … Read more

Gullible users, lack of regulation, spur crypto cybercrime in India

While it’s still not clear how many people in India own cryptos, some of the large crypto exchanges such as CoinSwitch Kuber claim to have over 15 million users. (REUTERS)

NEW DELHI : Last week, India’s enforcement directorate conducted several raids as part of an investigation into a massive crypto scam involving a fake cryptocurrency called Morris coin that was launched to fool millions of investors in Kerala. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka beyond ?1,200 crore. Last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official Twitter handle was … Read more