Why Bankers Are Ditching Cryptocurrencies

Senior executives at some of the world’s largest investment banks are moving away from traditional finance for cryptocurrency jobs, often seeking more excitement and higher rewards in an industry regulators have dubbed the “Wild West.” The exits of traders, quants, tech specialists and bankers from traditional Wall Street or City backgrounds for cryptocurrencies are gaining … Read more

Does Crypto Winter offer entry points for Wall Street businesses? Here are the key factors that shape institutional adoption

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Cryptocurrency firms step up lobbying effort as regulators tighten oversight. Here’s how much Coinbase, Ripple and Binance paid in 2021

As US regulators tighten oversight of the digital asset space, cryptocurrency companies are doubling down on their lobbying efforts. Companies engaged in cryptocurrency businesses spent at least $ 4.9 million on lobbying in 2021, up 116% from 2020, according to a recent study by crypto intelligence site Crypto Head. According to the study, cryptocurrency lobbying … Read more

The cryptocurrency pair had Russian bank accounts and traveled to Ukraine to collect fake IDs, Feds say: “Excerpt from the pages of a spy novel”

The New York hipster couple accused of one of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts in the world had quietly opened bank accounts in Russia and traveled to Ukraine to obtain fake IDs, authorities said. Federal prosecutors exposed the new details of the couple’s financial and travel movements as part of the government’s appeal against a judge’s … Read more

How Professional Traders Are Changing the Cryptocurrency Market: “Market Structure is Evolving”

As cryptocurrency loses its stigma as nothing more than a convenient conduit for criminals and money launderers, banks have so far proceeded with caution. Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are among the large banks that have engaged in trading cryptocurrencies – not cryptocurrencies per se, but futures contracts and other instruments – to reap the volatility … Read more

The former CFTC chairman calls Biden’s approach to cryptocurrency regulation “reactionary”

Believers in the transformative power of blockchain have labeled the rise of bitcoin BTCUSD, + 0.18% and other cryptocurrencies a revolution, implicitly placing financial industry incumbents and federal regulators in the role of eager reactionaries. Former Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman Chris Giancarlo made the analogy explicit on Tuesday when he called the Biden administration’s … Read more

Foggy regulations challenge cryptocurrencies, says Gemini’s head of compliance

Opaque regulations remain a major challenge for the cryptocurrency industry, according to Elena Hughes, chief compliance officer of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini Trust Co. She joined NYC-based Gemini in May 2020 after more than a decade of compliance work for traditional financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Gemini was launched … Read more

Google and Tech Rivals leverage cash reserves to realize cloud ambitions

Google and its rivals are wielding a new weapon in the battle for cloud computing market share: large investments in companies that agree to access their services. With Thomas Kurian as CEO of the cloud since 2019 after a long tenure at Oracle Corp. ORCL -0.50% , the alphabet Inc. GOOG 0.04% leveraged its $ … Read more