London tech start-ups to watch in 2022:

J anuarys of old meant city wine bars: do you remember them? – full of chatter about the upcoming big IPO or whispers of a market minnow that it would make you rich. Now, if it weren’t “dry January” and most of London weren’t hibernating at home, the hot-money chat could focus on companies at … Read more

Cryptocurrency Bloodbath: Bitcoin ETF Goes From Boom To Boom After Record US Debut

Photo: Bloomberg

The cryptocurrency slaughter has reworked a well-known Bitcoin ETF that launched essentially the most profitable debut ever in one of the many biggest losers for an issuer of its first two months of buying and selling. With a 30% drop, ProShares Bitcoin Strategy’s exchange-traded fund, ticker BITO, is now one of the 10 worst performers … Read more

The crypto tech blockchain attracts young investors despite the risks

If you had invested Rs 1 lakh in bitcoin a year ago, it would now have been worth almost Rs 1.7 lakh, despite a nearly 30% drop from its all-time high. By comparison, the same amount invested in sensex would have grown to around Rs 1.2 lakh. An increasing number of Indians are investing in … Read more

Investors should reduce risk, follow multi-asset strategies

Over the past decade, we have seen easy liquidity conditions and rate cuts by global central banks which have generally created a favorable environment for equity markets. More specifically, in the past year, due to the abundant liquidity released by global economies to address pandemic-driven growth challenges, most emerging and advanced economies today are increasingly … Read more

investment: Ed Thorp says it’s about balancing the risk and return on investment

Prominent investor Ed Thorp says most investors do not understand the probability calculations required to invest to accumulate superior returns and achieve investment success. You need to keep the right balance between risk and return by not betting too much and not leaving too much money on the table, says the math professor and hedge … Read more