Investors riding the NFT craze face billions in taxes | crypto news

The NFT market has grown to $44 billion, Chainalysis data shows, and the rules for taxing the tokens are not clear. It’s one of crypto’s hottest corners – and now the US government wants its share of the profits. Investors and creators of non-fungible tokens — a market that has grown to $44 billion, according … Read more

NFTs are driving Blake Masters fundraising in the fourth quarter: 40% of the $ 1.38 million withdrawals of digital tokens

TThe non-fungible token crypto craze helped propel Blake Masters, Arizona Republican Senate candidate, to an impressive $ 1.38 million fundraising collection in the fourth quarter of 2021. Over half a million Masters promotions October through December, about 40% of the total, were made in the last week of the year in a 36 hour period … Read more