Why Bankers Are Ditching Cryptocurrencies

Senior executives at some of the world’s largest investment banks are moving away from traditional finance for cryptocurrency jobs, often seeking more excitement and higher rewards in an industry regulators have dubbed the “Wild West.” The exits of traders, quants, tech specialists and bankers from traditional Wall Street or City backgrounds for cryptocurrencies are gaining … Read more

British politicians seize cryptocurrencies amid fears of bank run on “faster and larger scale”

“Order! Order!” Former House of Commons Speaker John Bercow yells his infamous slogan down the barrel of a camera. “Is intelligence in the room? Stop selling!” At the request of Crypto Boole, a Twitter account, Bercow recorded a message on the video sharing site Cameo. Its message is simple: keep calm and HODL through the … Read more

How Professional Traders Are Changing the Cryptocurrency Market: “Market Structure is Evolving”

As cryptocurrency loses its stigma as nothing more than a convenient conduit for criminals and money launderers, banks have so far proceeded with caution. Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are among the large banks that have engaged in trading cryptocurrencies – not cryptocurrencies per se, but futures contracts and other instruments – to reap the volatility … Read more