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Magic Eden is Solana’s top NFT marketplace. It offers hundreds of collections, a Magic DAO, a Launchpad platform for NFTs, and much more. This article looks at the five most popular Solana NFT collections on Magic Eden over the past month, ranked by 30-day trading volume, lowest to highest.

#5 Balloonsville 2.0 (45.3k SOL)

Balloonsville 2.0 is a community-driven NFT project that returns control to owners of the Solana blockchain.

The original Balloonsville NFT project was a hype and cheated investors out of millions. The team behind the original project accused Magic Eden of not asking for ID and urged the platform to reimburse investors.

Because the original project caused so much buzz, the community decided to release a second version, this time claiming to be legit.

According to a recent tweet, Balloonsville will allow NFT holders to stake their NFTs in their Metaverse and earn rewards in the form of AIR tokens.

The project is still in development, but the community support behind Balloonsville 2.0 is amazing.

Balloonsville 2.0 has a total trading volume of approximately 45.4K SOL $4.1 million while writing. The average selling price is 5.99 SOL ($539).

#4 Portals (45.7k SOL)

Portals nft Metaverse Collection Virtual Real Estate Pass Onyx

Portals is the NFT collection for a Metaverse project on Solana. It has access passes that give owners of the NFT access to one of their exclusive buildings: Ivory, Onyx or Vision.

Portals will feature top crypto brands like FTX, Binance.US, Audios and more in its Metaverse, which is one reason for the high trading volume of the NFT collection.

Portals is a browser-based 3D metaverse that the team has been working on since early 2021. The team is focused on creating a dense city center with an immersive user experience.

Portals Metaverse Beta

Users can currently view a demo for Portals Metaverse and we highly recommend checking it out. Users can create a custom character and interact with the various items in the room.

Overall, Portals offers some of the best designs we’ve seen, indicating the huge long-term potential of this project. Portals Downtown is coming later this month making this project a must see in March 2022.

Portals have a total volume of 197,000 SOL ($17.7 million), making this one of the most traded NFT collections on Magic Eden. The average retail price for an access pass is 56.98 SOL ($5.1k). While an access pass may seem expensive, it still costs half a lot in Decentraland of The Sandbox.

#3 DeGods (56.9k SOL)

degods metaverse nft collection solana magic eden

DeGods describes itself as a deflationary conglomeration of degenerates, misfits, and punks. DeGods has its DUST token that powers the entire DeGods ecosystem. Purchasing an NFT allows you to earn a certain amount of DUST per day and gives you access to the DeDAO channels through Matricia.

DeGods NFT owners can use their NFT on the official DeGods dashboard to start earning DUST. Additionally, users can mutate their DeGods by spending 1000 DUST to change your DeGod’s metadata and swap it out for a DeadGod.

While normal DeGods generate 10 DUST per day, DeadGods generate 20 DUST per day. The best part is that users can switch between DeadGod and DeGod at any time. However, remember that you will have to pay DUST for it.

A cool feature of DeGods is their paper hand tax of 33.3%. If you sell your DeGods below purchase price, you will incur 33.3% tax. A pretty awesome concept that encourages users not to take unnecessary losses due to lack of patience.

The DeGods NFT collection has a total volume of 120,000 SOL ($10.8 million) with an average selling price of 29.71 SOL ($2.6k). We highly recommend checking out their collection as it features one of the best designed NFTs on the market and makes a great alternative to the popular Bored Ape collection.

#2 MonkeLabs (72.1k SOL)

Monke Labs NFT Metaverse Solana

MonkeLabs is a revenue sharing launchpad for Solana NFT platforms. By holding a MonkeLabs NFT, users receive 50% Launchpad revenue and a 50% discount on Launchpad fees when they launch their projects.

The MonkeLabs team is a dedicated group of full-stack developers, managers, UX/UI designers and marketers who aim to support NFT projects of any size. MonkeLabs greatly reduces the barriers to entry for anyone looking to start an NFT project, making it easier for users to start, run and grow their NFT projects.

Users can create an account on the platform, link their Discord account and create a collection instantly. Users can also deploy a custom Mint page by filling out the form to track all their Solana Mint deployment requests. If accepted, users will have the option to go to the Mint Dashboard and view their Mints.

MonkeLabs is one of Solana’s most robust NFT launchpad platforms, and we highly recommend checking out their upcoming releases. Dozens of launches are planned for March, all featuring incredibly well designed and high quality collections.

The MonkeLabs NFT collection has an all-time trading volume of 96,000 SOL ($8.6 million), with an average selling price of 10 SOL ($900).

#1 LUX | Real Estate (82.7k SOL)

lux virtual real estate metaverse nft collection solana

The most popular NFT collection on Solana over the last 30 days is none other than LUX, a virtual reality metaverse experience bringing together NFTs, gaming, entertainment, e-commerce, virtual real estate and more.

LUX offers three main collections: LUX Entertainment, LuxAI and LUX Real Estate, with the latter being the most popular. LUX combines popular aspects in Metaverse applications such as play-to-earn, stay-to-earn, social media and digital events.

LUX’s vision is to create a complete ecosystem for its community and offer diverse experiences on all accessible platforms, including VR headsets. LUX allows users to own their homes, businesses, or even nightclubs as NFTs, allowing users to interact with friends and meet people in ways never seen before.

LUX Alpha is currently available for users on Oculus and PC by downloading the client from LUX official website. Check out this preview of the LUX VR Metaverse:

Purchasing a LUX real estate NFT allows users to access their unique place in its metaverse, much like you would buy property in Decentraland or The Sandbox.

LUX’s real estate NFT collection totals 83,000 SOL ($7.4 million), with an average selling price of 9.69 SOL ($872). It’s worth noting that LUX’s real estate NFTs are relatively affordable compared to some of the other projects on this list.

In addition, LUX also offers its token (LUX), which is used as the primary supply asset on the platform. If you’re looking to buy virtual real estate in an upcoming Metaverse, we highly recommend checking out LUX.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying Metaverse cryptocoins.

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