Troy Baker admits the NFT announcement was “a little antagonistic”

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Image: Epic Games

To update: Troy Baker revisited Twitter after advocating Voice NFTs today, admitting the “hate / create” question may have been “a bit antagonistic”:

The voice actor’s previous tweets caused quite a stir on the internet – see below for more details.

Does anyone else get the Notting Hill vibes from that line, “I’m just a storyteller out here trying to tell my story”? Only we? Anyway, the conversation continues below.

Original story: Troy Baker, an exceptional voice actor who can be seen in pretty much every video game from Bloodrayne to Bioshock, Borderlands to Batman, has announced a partnership with NFT company Voiceverse NFT.

Yes, arguably the most famous voice actor in games (seriously, he was in everything) has jumped on the non-fungible bandwagon, as evidenced by its correspondingly vague announcement on twitter which asks readers if they want to “hate” or “create”.

Here is the full length text of the tweet:

I’m working with @VoiceverseNFT to explore ways we can collectively bring new tools to new creators to do new things, and give everyone a chance to own and invest in the IPs they create.
We all have a story to tell.
You can hate.
Or you can create.
What’ll it be?

The reaction? Well, you can probably guess the reaction. Here is a small selection of the more family-friendly responses from fans to the “voice of video games”:

Details of what exactly this means and how Baker will be involved in non-fungible voice tokens are vague, but the company he works with – Voiceverse NFT – explains his approach and its benefits as a result in a pinned twitter thread:

Hi everyone – here is why our Voice NFTs are different than just owning JPEGs.
Voice NFTs offer intrinsic benefits in addition to having a fantastic community. You cannot right click on both.

Voice NFTs provide unlimited, permanent access to the underlying AI voice owned by the NFT. If you own a Voice NFT, you can create all kinds of voice content and own the entire IP.

Imagine being able to create bespoke audiobooks, youtube videos, e-learning lectures, or even podcasts with your favorite voice! All without the hassle of additional legal work. This makes it easier for people with limited resources to access professional voices

Voice NFTs offer you a new way of communicating in metaverse worlds and building your personality. You can look like anyone you want on the Metaverse, and now you can sound like the Voice NFT you own.

Imagine speaking with the voice of the character you are playing, just like in a multiplayer game! Imagine the next level of immersive experience!

We understand the environmental impact of NFTs. We are working hard to convert our voice NFTs to a much more environmentally friendly mainnet such as Polygon or Solana in the future. Proof of work → Proof of participation

Voice NFTs pay royalties to the original voice actor who helped build the NFT. If the value of the Voice NFT increases, the voice actor also benefits from the increased value. We always keep people up to date.

If it’s just a SaaS product and not an NFT, we can’t really create a decentralized solution in preparation for Web3, and the key really is that YOU fully own the IP and it is publicly proven, NOT managed US.

We’re not saying Voice NFT is the perfect kid in the NFT family. We admit some of the shortcomings, but we ask that you give it a chance without avoiding it from the start and see what value and benefit it can bring to the developer and gamer community

Given the environmental impact of NFTs and blockchain technology, not to mention their often questionable utility, the online response to the news is completely predictable. Baker is nowhere near the only celeb to jump on the NFT bandwagon in the past few months, but since he’s provided the voices of so many popular characters in games, it’s no surprise that this controversial move is so strong with fans Causes reactions.

Big hm. Apparently one can hate or create. Alternatively, you can choke a little, take a deep breath, and move on. If you can analyze and explain the benefits of voice NFTs to us – preferably like a young child – feel free to do so in the comments.


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