Why is the marriage strike trending on Twitter? Ram Gopal Varma Says Celebrity Divorces Are Trend Setters To Warn Young People About The Dangers Of Marriage

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The Delhi High Court has started hearing petitions seeking to criminalize marital rape in India. On the other hand, this season feels like an official divorce season as several celebrities have decided to split up and have made the decision to divorce. However, marital rape and celebrities getting divorced altogether have sparked outrage on social media, and several users are following the Marriage Strike hashtag.

Some of the users have claimed that men will be unfairly prosecuted if women are given the power to put their rapists behind the counter.

One of the users said that the insensitivity of feminists does not see that the laws are distorted. #MarriageStrike is a natural reaction. Feminists especially pushed misandry in the name of partial laws. #MarriageStrike is against prejudice not because of #marital violation.

Another user wrote that marriage counseling is a trap for minting money from husbands and enslaving them forever.

On the other hand, director Ram Gopal Varma has argued that marriage is the most evil custom imposed on society by our evil ancestors in enacting a continuous cycle of unhappiness and sadness.

He also talked about recent celebrity divorces and said star divorces are good trendsetters for warning young people about the dangers of marriages.

Varma further stated that nothing kills love faster than marriage. The secret to happiness is to keep loving as long as it stays and then move on instead of ending up in a prison called marriage.

In other news, a video has gone viral on social media, in which a professor can be seen beating up the principal of the college where he teaches. The incident took place at a government college in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday, January 18.

CCTV footage of the incident is now taking a spin on the internet where the professor in question and the principal can be seen having a conversation that turns into a heated discussion.

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